Information Technologies that Make Science Possible.

Yes, Cyberinfrastructure (CI for short) is just that; it's the IT infrastructure that makes scientific inquiry possible. But yet, CI is so much more...

CI is the innovative junior high teacher who inspires future researchers demonstrating the use of scientific instruments to her biology class students. It's the university research project that makes it's research instrumentation available to K-12 schools. And it's the the Internet capacity that makes this connection possible.

CI is the university phamacologist who uses a local supercomputer to test and develop models of brain chemistry at the molecular level. It's the super high-capacity research networks that allow him to transfer his proofed model and massive datasets to regional computer centers. It's the virtual organization that allows national and international colleagues to collaborate on his project. And, CI is the improved depression treatment that is the final result of the high-tech, collaborative research endeavor.

CI is the educational partnership between tribal colleges and research institution that provides training for a career in engineering. It is the regional network that makes it possible for instructors in one city to teach students in towns across the state.

Explore CI and Attend Cyberinfrastructure 2011

Please join us for: Cyberinfrastructure 2011, where you will learn more about what CI is, and what its role will be in shaping the future of our state and our nation.

This conference is the first in a series of CI conferences to be sponsored by ND EPSCoR. The goal of this conference series is to inform our state's researchers, educators, industry leaders, policy makers, and general public on the necessity and benefits of incorporating CI into the state's research, engineering, economic, and education activities. In the meantime, you are invited to join the discussion by exploring the CI information available on this web site and the links it provides.

See you at Cyberinfrastructure 2011!!!